PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet

Item : Polypropylene Waterproof Floor Protection Board For Wall / Tiles / Roofing


Quick Detail :

Item : Floor Protection Board
Thickness : 2mm-10mm;
Material : Polypropylene or Polyethylene
Application : Printing, Packing, Protection
Available in all Custom Colors or Designs

Description :

Floor Protection Board - also known under the tradenames of Corrugated Plastic, Coroplast, Correx, Corex, Fluteboard, Danpla, Twin Wall Sheet, Hollow Sheet, Core Flute, Corriboard, Carton Plast or Polyflute - refers to a wide range of extruded twin wall plastic sheet products produced from high-impact polypropylene or polyethylene resin specifically for use in the screen printing, display signs, construction protection and packaging markets.

PP Fluted Floor Protection Board uses a copolymer resin in order to increase impact and low temperature performance. It retains the ability to be flexed an unlimited number of times without breaking. It is chemically inert, with a NIL pH factor and most oils, solvents and water have no effect. Performs well under adverse weather conditions or when exposed to harsh chemicals. Polypropylene Protection Board performs well under adverse weather conditions or when exposed to harsh chemicals.
Color : White or Customize Products
Denension : 2.3 * 900 * 1800 mm

Customized Types :

UV Resistant


ESD Conductive

Flame Retardant

Corona Treatment

Corrosive Inhibitors

Applications :

1. Printing Grade :
PP Fluted Board is a high quality, tough and durable polypropylene co – polymer in Corona Treated or with UV stabilizes, which can withstand sunlight and general weather conditions. It is perfect for screen - printing, digital printing and for use with vinyl.

Ideal for graphic and point-of-purchase displays and signs. Corrugated Plastic PP Board is a unique, twin-walled plastic board which gives screen printers and digital printers a crisper, more accurate reproduction for four-color process work. The special smooth surface of the material makes it a superior medium when compared to conventional corrugated products. Special properties make it durable and able to stand up to everything the elements can throw at it.

2. Protection Grade:
Building protection board which will protect floors from damage from any type of building or construction work including falling bricks, mortar, debris, paint, plaster, wheel barrows, ladders, some chemicals, and much more.

For surface protection, Easy to handle cost-effective plastic protection. Any size, any shape, It can be cut, curved or creased to fit perfectly any feature which needs 100% protection. We can help you select the correct grade for your application, or develop a custom solution to suit your requirements.

3. Packaging Grade:
We manufacture a complete range of Fresh Produce Packaging for the use in the fruit and vegetable industry, ranging from light weight picking totes to one way shipping containers for table grapes, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms or tropical stone fruits. These boxes are manufactured from food contact grade polypropylene corrugated sheets being water and chemical resistant. They are suitable for cooling and wash down systems and are recyclable.

Polypropylene Fluted Board packaging is protecting and transporting a huge and diverse range of products from car components to cabbages, and from glass to greenhouses. They are cost effective and designed to keep your product safe during delivery and storage. Select an off-the-shelf design from our portfolio of Transits, recycle bins, and tote box designs, including a range of handles.

Ideal for...

Green And Sustainability Programs

Temporary Clean-Room Protection

Granite & Marble Countertop Templates

Protection Of Walls, Floors And Architectural Features Of All Types

Stairs And Columns

Subsoil Protection Applications

Form Work – A Great Alternative To Plywood

Waterproofing Membranes


Available In Sheets Or Rolls

Concrete Protection And As A Barrier To Water And Rock Penetration

Characteristics :


Light Weight


Impact Resistant

100% Recyclable

High Strength And Low Weight

Unaffected By Water, Oil And Chemicals

Delivery In Sheet Dimensions As Requested

Produced In Environment Friendly PP Plastic

Ideal For Disposable And Reusable Purposes

Temperature Range From -20 To +80 Degrees

To protect marble stairs
Before decoration protection
Protective cover of
retaining pier
Separator in dust-free room
PP Corrugated Bathroom Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Door Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Elevator Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet
PP Corrugated Floor Protection Sheet